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Welcome to the Unofficial Tainted Grail Wiki!

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This is the unofficial wiki for all Tainted Grail related questions. Although we make every effort to ensure everything is clear and free of errors, it's possible that we may have something wrong. Please provide us feedback, ask questions, or let us know if there are areas which need improvement.

Since this site is searchable, we were very inclusive with the content. In addition to frequently asked questions, these pages also include answers to infrequently asked questions, rulings on very specific cases, and links to helpful documents and videos.

We're both quite active on Board Game Geek, so feel free to message us directly if there's a question or issue with this wiki. Our usernames are EliasH and DoctaWho. You're also welcome to post in the Unofficial FAQ Forum, which is a great place for rules discussions. Whenever we make significant edits to this wiki, we'll post a changelog in the forum, so subscribe to it to get updates when that happens.

Our main sources for rule clarifications are from discussions with Marcin and Krzysztof (designers of Tainted Grail), the official FAQ, and the official rulebook. Thank you to them for their continued willingness to answer questions we've sent them.

How to Use the Wiki

Use the search bar at the top right to search for particular keywords or use the links below under "Wiki Content" to navigate to pages containing related topics. When you're on one of the pages, it may be helpful to try searching the page for keywords related to your question as relevant entries may show up in different areas. You can do this search by using Crtl f or Command f.

Note 1: Anything involving spoilers will be hidden behind collapsible boxes, but their contents may be revealed during searches.

Note 2: If you're using a mobile device, unfortunately, the collapsible boxes DO NOT work, so some spoilers may be visible when you're looking at certain entries.

Note 3: To reveal the contents of a spoiler, click on "Expand." You can then close it by clicking "Collapse."

Wiki Content

The following pages contain general information about the campaigns/expansions and the components.

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