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Helpful Rules Reminders (Commonly Missed Rules)

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Before Reading Below

Lose vs. Pay

The distinction between "lose" and "pay" is important.


  • When getting a skill card, you can pick from the total pool of skill cards---rules pg. 5


  • Always draw events from the Event deck, not from the Random Event deck.


  • "Your first encounter cards" --- should not be used in the main game as they have no level indicator.
  • "If you don’t like your starting hand, you can discard it and draw a new hand with one less card. You may repeat this until you only have one card left in your hand."---rules pg. 14 and 18


  • Escaping Combat requires you to lose 1 Energy and receive the Opportunity Attack! You can still Escape if you have no Energy, since it says "lose."---rules pg. 14
  • If an Encounter or a card played tells you to lose [red cubes] and you don't have enough, you must discard cards from your hand for each excess point.---rules pg. 16
  • If you're told to discard cards from your hand and you don't have enough to cover the discard, you have to discard cards from the top of your deck.---rules pg. 16
  • If you play no cards during your turn in a Combat Encounter, you draw a card after receiving the Opportunity attack.---rules pg. 15