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Helpful Files and Resources

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Link to the final rulebook (high resolution) or you can use this link

Official FAQ- These are also incorporated within the wiki.

Save Sheet PDF

Tutorial Open and Play Guide PDF

Standees for Monsters of Avalon with color and without color

Standee pdf images with color- If you want the pdf file with the color images of the monsters, it's in the Files folder after downloading. Note this was made by a fellow board gamer, not officially by Awaken Realms (the non-color standees were official releases by Awaken Realms).

Original non-color standees released by Awaken Realms

Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciation Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

Irish linguist Benjamin Lowe and his SO Dobromir Uzunov provided the following pronunciation guide, so thank you to them for their help! They add the disclaimer, "These pronunciations are based on a native and linguistic grasp of Irish, but pronunciations may vary per dialect and also in comparison to Scottish Gaelic for example."

Pronouncing Character Names

First wave characters:

  • Beor: [Byor], "yo" as in "yo-yo" pr "yoghurt", similar to the name "Björk"
  • Ailei: [Ey-lee] or [Ai-lee], "ey" as in "hey", "ai" as in "iphone", "lee" as in "spleen"
  • Maggot: Pronounced as written, English pronunciation
  • Arev: Pronounced as written, "a" as in "apple"
  • Niamh: [Neev], "ee" as in "need"

Second wave characters:

  • Mabd: [Mayv] or [Meev], "ay" as in "may" and "ee" as in "need"
  • Dagan: Pronounced as written, English pronunciation
  • Sloan: Pronounced as written, English pronunciation
  • Fyul: Pronounced as written, English pronunciation, almost sounds like "fuel"
  • Naazer: Most likely should be Na'azer, or [Na-azer], although could be [Na-zir] or [Naa-zer], literal pronunciations
  • Thebalt: [Ti-bo] or [Tay-bo], it's close to the French Thibault; "ti" sounds like "tea" and "ay" as in "may"
  • Caolin: [Kay-lin], "ay" as in "may"
  • Faol: [Fey-ol] or [Feel], "ey" like "hey" and "feel" like the word itself
  • Duana: [Doo-ana], pretty much pronounced as written

Pronouncing Location Names

[Kuh - naht] - the "u" is soft like in hunt, blunt and stunt. The "ch" is like the sound in "Loch" or like the German "ch" in "Nacht"

And Dobromir added "Although I personally will pronounce the "u" like in university or just a direct "uu" sound like in you."