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Entries that need to go somewhere

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First one: chapter 2 ending tells you to gain a part of a status. The chapter card tells you to immediately draw a special secret card once you have 4 parts of that status. That card tells you to add a card on topo of the event deck, but chapter ending tells you to discard your event deck. My question was if we had to discard the card we just added, or if it had to be added on top of chapter 3 cards.

The answer was that I had to discard it and to never add cards on top od the event deck if we're not specifically asked to do it on a chapter card or a special card.

Second one: can we shuffle randome event deck if we run out of random event cards.

The answer was that we should never run out of random event cards, since they don't go in the discard pile, but at the bottom of the random events deck.

Even if page 13 of the rulebbok clearly says that, this second one is really a FAQ, I read it several times both here on Facebook and on BGG.

• Location 136, Verse 4 – The narrative section in this verse was accidentally doubled. Ignore the first narrative paragraph.

In my journal, these two paragraphs are not quite identical. The second one seems wrong as it starts with the word "Midget" whereas the first mentions "The master".

But the text for 115 is supposed to say: If the location is removed while the dial is still here. So, if you have secured the Shrine, you do not get the location 125.

Paul's questions to incorporate: 1. Travelling merchant. What do you do with the items you don’t buy? Is there a discard, or do you shuffle them in? 2. Slick Fraudster (and probably others) – can you change which choice you make each round, or do you have to stick with the same one? 3. Full Moon event. Is the cost lowered by 1 in total, or 1 per player? 4. Hex combat card. Not sure exactly what the text effect is. Can you explain? 5. Blue encounter Breath of Wyrdness. This card is not explained at all in the rules. No idea how it works. Is it a choice of I or II – people on FB said you do I and then II, but the flavour text seems to read that it is an either/or. What if you fail I? How does this work in a party? Etc. Could not find anywhere at all how to resolve this card.

Here's the confirmation from yesterday's Q&A session ( From Marcin, the Third Eye item is now consumable.

to quote: In general, if two things have exactly the same timing we leave it for the player to decide which one to use first (you are free to resolve them in a way that benefits you most, like the order of your damage prevention Items that all trigger on enemy's Attack).

Q: If the activation cost for a Menhir says, "3 Energy, 1 Health, 1 Wealth, and 1 Magic (per player)," does everything scale up to the number of players or just the Magic?

A: Everything scales up. So, if there are 3 characters in the game, then the total costs will be 9 Energy, 3 Health, 3 Wealth, and 3 Magic (4 Magic if Arev is in-game). Here's the rules reference on pg. 9 that tells us all costs scale, not just one of them, "Important: please note all costs of Activating a Menhir scale up with the total number of players in the game (and not only in the Party!)."

"It’s simpler than that - the rule might not be precise about this, but it reads the number of keys that physically join together (both halves of the key meet). So you take a glance at the sequence and quickly count those."

"scalable events" definition for story mode (still doesn't address what happens when this would be a negative effect, but I guess we scale up in that case?)-