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Character Specific Entries

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Q: I’m playing Ailei’s “Empowering Brew” combat card. Can I spend more charges to multiply the Bonus Keys by 4, 8, or even 16? (official FAQ)

A: No. This effect only doubles the bonuses printed on the card. Using it more than once per card would have no additional effect.




Q: How does Rite of Whitering work?

A: Krzysztof Piskorski- After you place this card in the Sequence, put two Time Tokens on it. Then, pay 2 Magic AND lose 1 Rep. If you won't, this card gets destroyed (the destruction icon destroys the last card in the sequence - in this case, it will be this card).
- At the start of each Activation remove one Time Token. When the last Token is removed, gain 6 markers.
- EXPLANATION: Basically, this card has an added cost. Most TG cards have no costs, so there's nowhere else to put it but the card's ability. And the additional reason why we went for ("pay or the card is destroyed") instead of ("you have to pay X to play it") is to enable it to combo with some other cards and skills that are triggered by destroying cards. Besides, that way even if it gets burned, it still adds to the number of cards you've played this turn that's checked by Opportunity Attack, Opportunist trait and some other stuff.

Q: Maggot's character action: it says "up to 4 Magic." What does this mean exactly? Does it mean he can only carry 4 Magic max? Or, does it mean if he currently has 3 or less Magic, he may use his character action until he has at most 4 Magic?

A: It means this Action gives you magic only if Maggot has no more than 4 Magic already. Naturally, Maggot has no hard Magic limit - he just can’t go past 4 using Meditation.


Q: Why does Niamh not have her own double layered character board?

A: Niamh is a character who can be played with all the archetype decks, and therefore she can be slotted into all the other double layered character boards. AR has designed this game for a maximum of 4 players, which means a 5th board was not necessary and that is why Niamh will be coming without a double layered board.