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Campaign Setup and Saving the Game

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Chapter one setup

Q: At the beginning of the Chapter one setup card, it tells you to reveal the top card of the Event Deck. Then, when you start playing, do you start at the “Start of the Day” or the “During the Day” stage? This is relevant, since “Start of the Day” stage would reveal another event card, but “During the Day” doesn’t.

A: From Krzysztof Piskorski- The very first day of Campaign has no special rules and is resolved just like every other day. This means at the start you move the dial, reveal the Event card (in this case, Chapter 1: Part 2), and so on.

Q: Where is a link to a PDF of the save sheet?

A: It's in the Helpful Files section of this wiki. Click here to be taken directly to that page. 

Starting decks setup (page 6)

Q: How are the starting Combat and Diplomacy cards chosen? Is that random or are you allowed to go through the deck and choose?

A: The starting decks for every character are pre-determined (in Fall of Avalon, they include cards 1-15 and are marked with a banner - see details on pg. 6 of the Rulebook, Section VII). Cards not used in the starting deck and all your personal cards go to your Advancement Pool.

Q: What should you do with the "Your First Encounter" card? Or is that covered on the chapter setup card?

A: Indeed, this is on the "Chapter 1 Setup" card. They're also used in "Open and Play". 

Save system (page 13)

Q: Can I save and restore different game sessions?

A: On page 13 of the rulebook there is a detailed list on how to save your games (check that out first). Like any other (non-destructive) campaign game, you can "restore" different campaigns; doing so is a matter of how much information you want to track and how much sorting you want to do before and after each game session. It will take more setup time if you save multiple sessions.